What Comes Out Of This

We have such a special relationship Dri and I, different from others. We live far away from each other which means that we only can meet occasionally.

At the same time, we are both the type of personalities that need constant stimulation and challenges, not least in the erotic field. Therefore I am so happy that we both are so willing to live in an open relationship where we always tell each other all that we do, down to every tiny sensual detail.

The last time we met was in Vienna, a weekend that I believe we both enjoyed to the full extent. We have both decided to be more and more open in public showing our strong emotions for each other. We have over time become more and more brave with what we do and how we look and are now able to enjoy the fact that others look at us (stare) in fascination.

Now we are planning our next excursion which I believe will beat anything we have ever tried up to now, and to make it even better we will bring a photographer who will follow us. Let’s see what comes out of this :)!

Dri, you are an amazing woman and I am so proud to be your lover!


Vienna, Austria – March/April 2017


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  1. Ah L, amazing? Me? I don’t think so, but thx. Remember, I am a good pretender ;)
    And believe me, I am proud of your progress. And proud to be part of it.
    Proud of my lover :*

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