The Start Of A Journey To The Unknown …

Time flies, we are all familiar to that feeling. Dri and I first came in contact over 10 years ago on an internet site where I stumbled upon some truly amazing pictures of this red-headed woman with a sensual make-up and mysterious look. For one or the other reason we started to chat over the net and after some time, this resulted in us meeting in London during one of her work visits there.

Our first encounter was so classic British, we met for afternoon tea at the Ritz. I guess we both were a little tense and not sure what we were seeking, but there was also an immediate attraction. While eating scones and sipping on our tea I asked Dri if she would like to follow me back to my hotel room at the Hilton Hotel Paddington station to have sex. She liked the idea and so off we went in a black London Cab. Looking back, I wouldn’t say that the first time we had sex was anywhere close to what we have experienced since then, but it turned out to be the start of a joint journey where we both have developed and learnt a lot over the years. And it still continues …

Our relationship is all built around our common interest in erotic experiences. This is one of the things that have remained since that first encounter. As can be expected, over time and as trust has built between us, we have dared to go further and further exploring our sexual limits and opening up to the outside world proudly showing what we stand for. The things we have done since that first meeting and that we do today none of us would have dared to even think about that first meeting at the Ritz.


The original Dri was a sensual, rather experienced but still sort of shy woman who dressed conservatively sexy. Her hair was cut in a page style and colored dark red and she had two piercings in her left ear and three in her right, no other alterations or marks were made to her body. As we continued to meet on a regular basis it became clear to us both already during the early years that Dri was submissive and needed strict guidance in order to develop her erotic potential. I took on the heavy responsibility of guiding her and we started off on a journey to the unknown. Some of you have most likely followed us on our joint blog, d+l.

Her first tattoo was the heart snake in her neck and we also started piercing her ears with what then seemed to be an almost impossible target to have them fully pierced. Early in the process, we both wanted to show – in a discrete way – that Dri now had a master guiding her. The way to do that was to let her start wearing a collar, the first collar was a rather tight 2 cm wide black leather collar with a big silver heart that we bought in a sex shop in Copenhagen. Already during those early years we decided always to have unprotected sex and let destiny decide. We started to do some innocent photo and video sessions with sort of soft sex, still restricted to the two of us in privacy. We – and in particular I – were still shy and not comfortable showing our erotic side to others. It turned out that all this would change over the years to come …


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