Journey To The Unknown – Part Two

From a sort of “open-minded but still inexperienced” start, I must say that we gradually have developed and moved our borders forward. I still remember well when we made our first sex video in London 2012. Naturally, it was on our blog, but we also published it on Xvideos and Xtube. The feeling of having other people watching us having sex on the internet was great. Around this time Dri also started to do long porcelain nails, very sensual and we also learnt to play small games where the came to good use …

With my guidance, we started to make small changes to her body. I was so happy and proud when she decided to tattoo her body just above the sacred P with my mark, the D+L. We also made an important decision to start piercing her ears. The target – to have them both pierced 2 x 12 times all up to the entire ears then appeared as almost impossible to reach. However, today we are almost there and expanding our target even further …


As we continued to meet and explore our borders we both came to realize that we were bisexual. Today this has become a natural part of our open relationship. One special episode that I remember in particular as part of our journey is our visit to the shemale in Amsterdam. I never would have thought that we would ever dare to do the things we did that night. Thank you, Dri for helping me grow!

I have this crazy need to have my woman look very special in a way that makes people stare. I love walking next to Dri holding her hands noticing that everybody we meet really stare at us but try to make it look like they don’t notice. Dri is short and I am tall so she is always in high heels when we are together. With high I mean very high, normally 15-16 cm but sometimes even higher. This makes her walk in a very feminine way and also dependent on my support. It feels good! We always dress in black and both like very much the goth style.

At first I felt rather uncomfortable, but these days even I have multiple ear piercings and like to use make-up provided that Dri helps me with it. Dri prefers to wear dresses, normally they will be short (well above the knee) and sometimes very short (hardly concealing anything). Lately, I have convinced her to sometimes use very tight leggings, preferably plastic or leather ones. This makes her look very punk and I sort of like that style. It fits her personality. A lot of what we talk about has to do with appearance and appeal. I have to say that I am impressed by her courage and determination.

In 2013 she enlarged her boobs into a nice and noticeable size. It was a hard process that involved a lot of pain, but she did it. I love the new pair very much so thank you Dri for going through this! I think it took some time for her to get used to them, but now I believe we both are happy and now we even discuss making them even bigger. Dri, you know what I need my woman looking like and I am amazed by your willingness and ability to deliver. We are still on the move forward with more to come …

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