The Journey Continues – Part Three

Dri is a true exhibitionist and she loves when men and women look at her and for sure they do. When we are out in public I can’t help but notice how they stare, point and comment. They try to disguise their fascination, but it’s so obvious. It’s not easy to match her but I do my best. I just love that the fact that everybody who looks at us can see that we are a pair, and a very exotic – and I think also erotic – couple that stick out.

Dri, I am so proud that you have chosen me to be your playmate!

We have a couple of favorite cities where we feel relaxed, our favorite is for sure Amsterdam, but Berlin and London are also great. One nice thing with returning to the same cities is that we have learnt where to go and what to do.

It’s no coincidence that our favorites are some of the hottest places for alternative nightlife in the world. Before we became a couple both of us had some threesome experience, but not more than that. Together we have developed a taste for multiple partners and swinger clubs. Step by step I know that we both want to become even more daring and exploratory, we only live once and there is so much more for us to explore and not only in these for us well-known places.

I hope to bring you to southern France this summer. The idea is to go to Cap d’Agde to enjoy freedom together with other like-minded people. Beach life with me in my minimal black swim pants and one of your micro bikinis is so attractive. I want to expose all your tattoos and piercings, not least your pierced nipples after you have started to wear really big piercing rings. With a bit of luck, you will have had time to ink your pussy tattoo in heavy black by then as well … Pushing ourselves further is our joint ambition. For me, this means fulfilling your request to have me do a PA piercing. I will do it!

Together with you, I have found a way to enjoy life and fill it with excitement and satisfaction. I believe that we still have a lot to test and that we together can gain that feeling of freedom that we strive for. The trick – as you tell me – is to become totally independent and indifferent to what other people think of us!

The journey continues …

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