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Dri and I have been a couple now for many years. We are still very much in love and enjoy a fantastic sex life when we meet. I guess the secret in a way is that we live far apart and don’t meet that often. Also, we both have a very erotic mindset. Thinking, talking and performing sex in different forms takes up a large part of our time – each day.

Another factor that helps us remain in love is our open relationship. We both have sex on a regular basis with others, both men and women. Before I met Dri I did never realize the erotic tension and attraction of being bisexual, now I can enjoy so much not only penetrating but also being penetrated.

Finally, Corona seems to be reaching its end and we have started to make plans for our next IRL meeting. Wow, we both look forward to it and we really need it to happen. We are both ready after this long period of not meeting to challenge ourselves and take our sex life further beyond what we have dared so far.

I hope you want to join us on the journey forward by reading Dri’s blog, and please please comment on it! Take care.

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