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FKK Beach

Sylt has the most wonderful beaches and as we were there a little after high season we had plenty of space. We spent a nice time on their FKK (nude) beaches even though these pics show Dri in bikinis. Not being too crowded also gave us opportunities for ”sex on the beach” without disturbing other sunbathers too much. ?


You can read more about our trip here.



  1. Uau, Dri… um tesão esta relação de vocês! Só a quarta foto que deixou gosto de quero mais… beijos secretos! ; )

    1. Hehehe.
      A gente se vê pouco então tem que fazer cada encontro valer a pena, ser o máximo.
      Gosto de quero mais? Usa a imaginação!
      Saudades de você!

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