Sweat Memories

Dri and I have had some really nice visits to Amsterdam over the years. I was looking at some old photos the other day and stumbled on some from a sunny summer day a couple of years ago and thought I might share them with you. On that occasion, we had rented a very nice…


. A primavera chegou lá em cima e L quer ir à praia. Contagem regressiva para encontrá-lo. Check-list pronto. Imaginação a solta. — Spring Spring came “upstairs” and L wanna go to the beach. Countdown to meet him. Check-list is ready. Imagination working. ..


Muitas pessoas tentaram, mas apenas L conseguiu me levar à praia! — Victory!!! Many people have tried, but only L has managed to take me to the beach! . (Copenhagen – August, 2014)