L Mundo

Paris, September 2021

Finally after so many months without any opportunity to meet now we were both vaccinated and it was possible to meet again. We chose Paris for our reunion, the city of love and romance.

Dri, I want to say thank you for the lovely days together. I also must say that I was so proud to be your man walking next to you holding hands, deep kissing and touching in the street.

It’s amazing that you just look better and better, more and more sexy for each year. Now you had the most wonderful haircut, long black nails just as I like and with heavy make-up and dressed sexily.

You are really my doll!

Also, thanks for the two new tattoos – so much us. Now I am curiously waiting for the result of your pregnancy test, lets see if we have made you pregnant or not.

We meet soon again – ML


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