I Me Mine L

Two Become One!

Meeting in XXX in the middle of a lockdown wasn’t our plan for sure. The idea was to have fun enjoying ourselves together with other open-minded swingers at SamePlace.

We however managed to arrive in Amsterdam the same day as stricter Corona restrictions came in force which meant no nightlife or possibility to have fun with others.

Well, we anyway had a nice time staying at our rented flat drinking and playing the two of us. We also had nice walks in the city and some lunches. Was fun as we both dressed goth.

I so much love when my woman shows herself in public wearing high heels and very short skirts – mmm!!! I think everybody we met noticed us. As usual, we had a lot of sex, always unprotected.

I love U Dri!




  1. Dear Dri,

    I was thinking. Next time we meet, can’t we then make a video showing us having sex and publish it here on your blog to show all our love?


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